Being a part of this organization has given me a greater sense of purpose.
— Terry Houck, Jr. (Live Boundless Board Member)

board of directors

Cindy Clarke - Board Member Pic.jpg



Cindy Clark is the new member of Western Carolina Industries as area account representative. Prior to joining WCI in June 2018, she was the Executive Director of the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum since 2006. She and Madeline were introduced when Madeline was a student at UNCA, and Cindy was taken  in by the vision of Live Boundless. She contributes a dynamic take from her 50 years in Asheville, ten year career with Bayer Pharmaceutical in Western NC and has a commitment towards equality for all. 

Cindy is married to Billy Clarke and they have three sons: Phelps, Ambrose and Will,  and two married daughters: Winslow and Durban. They are also busy with their four beautiful grandchildren! 

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SHANNON CHISHOLM,         Board Vice Chair



Shannon truly represents the live boundless spirit as she has not let the loss of her legs prohibit her from living her life. After being unexpectedly hit from behind by a car while she was cycling in July of 2011, she was left to learn how to tackle life as a T-10 paraplegic. Having been an amateur bodybuilder and road cyclist before her injury, she decided to continue her love for sports and in 2016 became the World title holder for Women's Wheelchair bodybuilding. She also competed in her first Spartan race and completed the Asheville Super that year, overcoming 10 miles with 30+ obstacles.   As the winner of the Ms. Wheelchair NC 2015 pageant, she is also an active advocate in the disability community. She has become a public speaker in the disability/able-bodied community with an emphasis on living life to the fullest despite its difficulties. With a passion for education and a degree as a personal trainer, she has been teaching as a Physical Therapist Assistant at South College and Western University, while also being a top advisor in the content development of the Live Boundless series. Shannon currently resides in Fletcher, NC with her husband Raymond, and two sons, Brandon and Jakob. 


ANDI BLOCK, Fundraising Lead

Andrea grew up in Lawrence, NY. She is an Alumnae of Hofstra University. As a New York Life Agent from the Miami, FL General Office, she met David Block at an Executive Council Meeting held in Norfolk, VA in August of 1984. They were married in October of 1985 when she moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia where David was already residing.

In 1992, David and Andrea acquired Insurance Specialties, Inc. and further developed this successful firm into one that reflects their core values of Integrity, Service, and Ingenuity.

Andrea lives in the Greater Asheville, NC area with David and their Labrador retrievers Pythagoras and Bourbon. Andrea enjoys classic Jazz and Blues, gardening, dancing, charity fundraising, and travel. Journeys with David to visit her children and grandchildren who live out of state are her favorite.

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Matt has been involved in the creation of Live Boundless since 2015, encouraging and assisting wherever possible. He has a background in construction, coupled with a desire to learn how things work and figure out how they can be pushed beyond their limits. Currently employed as a visual marketing associate, his keen eye for details has been very useful on many occasions, including, but not limited to, seeing potential dangers beforehand, or pointing out unique angles to bring out a scene better. Matt’s unique vision and sense of humor have been an invaluable resource in the past. When he senses a problem, he doesn’t stop until he has fixed it or mitigated it to the best of his abilities. 




Cindy Ireland has a 30-plus year technology career and currently is the Business Development Manager for OneWhoService Inc., an Asheville area business technology services firm. She has held positions as Vice President for a digital media company focused on healthcare professionals and other leadership roles in a number of industries. Cindy became engaged with the mission of Live Boundless based on the desire to help those with mobility issues. She also is the president of the Board for Helpmate, a domestic violence support service provider, and she has also been active in Rotary International for 8 years. Cindy lives in Weaverville, NC with her husband, Michael, and in her free times works as a professional artist. 

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Terry stands out in the community as a successful entrepreneur, investor and philanthropic leader. After graduating from UNC Asheville with a degree in Economics, he went on to become a manager in several large companies - including Wells Fargo and 3M. He now works to be an innovative force in the manufacturing sector by helping clients achieve streamlined industrial constancy. When not busy leading companies to success, Terry loves to spend time with his daughter, Gabrielle, and travel to exotic locations around the world.